The Michael Jackson Slot Machine

On this anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death I think it is only fitting to discuss one of my most favourite tributes to him: The Michael Jackson Slot Machine. I love this idea because it is the most interactive way to remember this music genius. It has already started popping up in almost every major casino all over the world, and hopefully soon appears in the best online casinos, but online you may not be able to have the whole experience.

In the same vein as the King of Pop himself, this slot machine is anything but ordinary. Once you sit down in the vibrating chair, and hear the surround system pumping behind your ears you will know what I mean. You will then gaze up at the four high definition screens that will feature Michael and all of his signature dance moves. If you need a break from the game, that’s fine, you can choose from any one of his music videos.

The game was created by Bally Technologies for the MTV music video watching demographic. This is definitely the age group that is enjoying it, but according to University of Nevada Gaming Analyst, this isn’t the only age group that fancies it. It has been winning over players everywhere it is introduced. He also says that it is one of the most exciting and engaging slot machine he has ever played and hopes that it is setting the bar for future machines.  

So what are you waiting for? Go find one and play it, I’m going to.

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